Carters Plan Printing Service
Private Bag 94027, Manukau, Auckland, 2241, New Zealand

The full range of LINZ Maritime Charts for all of New Zealand and Pacific Islands are
now available in 'NZ's Toughest Plans' material.
** Completely Waterproof  **Won't Tear  **Can be Writton-On  ** Can be Folded & Rolled
** Won't go mouldy  **Only $38.50 each [plus Shipping & GST]
To view the full range of charts and place an order select the LINZ Maritime Charts menu option on the left of the screen.

You have reached the Carters Plan Printing Service Upload site!
From here you can upload your PDF or AutoCAD file for printing in B&W or Colour on either standard paper or on Tyvek® - NZ's Toughest Plans.
Upload your plan files by midday and your printed plans will be returned to you overnight otherwise the following day!

Here's how to get underway:
Click on the 'Getting Started' tab. 
  1. Once in the 'Getting Started' page, click on the 'New User Button' 
  2. You will need to complete a small amount of detail, please complete all fields, most importantly your address, phone number, email address and Carters Account Number.
  3. You will then be taken to the 'Upload' page which is self explanatory.
NOTE: If you want further clarification of the process, Click Here to obtain step-by-step instructions.
If you still have any question call our friendly Helpdesk on 0800-737-764.

Sending us Hard Copies of Plans or CAD Drawings for printing:

  1. Complete a 'Hard Copy Print Instruction' which you can obtain from your Carters Branch or download it by Clicking Hereor download it from the 'Downloads' page.
  2. Place your plans in an envelope and either Courier or Post it to us, address's are shown on the Print Instruction sheet.
  3. Alterantively take the plans along to your Carters Branch, they will give an envelope into which you should place your plans and completed 'Hard Copy Print Instruction'.
  4. Your plans will be sent for printing by overnight Courier at no charge to you.


Click on the Document Library tab [to the left] for a range of downloadable documents such as 'Hard Copy Print Instruction' and 'Set Print Instruction'

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